Kiwis Up Close

There are over 50 wild kiwi on the Tangiaro property, one of the highest kiwi populations on privately-owned land in the northern Coromandel. Three of them are monitored (remotely & electronically), and valuable insight is gained by the monitoring of these birds. These kiwi are the only monitored kiwi in the far northern Coromandel.

This is fully funded by Tangiaro, and includes 6 monthly health checks. In-house guests are invited to attend these check ups. These Kiwi Experience walks are open to the public when spaces are available. 

Recent call counts in the area (National Call Counting Site) suggest a rise in kiwi numbers.

Check out this video of the

Kiwi on Tangiaro starring

Tommy, the Kiwi Man



Thank you Tony Parker for filming & editing this clip